Tuesday, April 17, 2007


Is this what you've been lookin for?

If you have been looking for a Bible to recommend to your preteens and parents, or if you have been looking for a Bible to have for extras in your classroom - then this is the one for you!

It has a devotional plan, which takes preteens through the Bible. It also has really cool graphics throughout the Bible, which are not boring or cheesy. Whats more, it is designed with the preteen in mind. My 10 year old son loves to use it and he likes to read all the extra content on the sidebars (He also reads the main content :) )

Book Description

Discover life “on the edge”—that exciting time between childhood and adolescence (a.k.a. the tween years). The Edge Devotional Bible is packed with great stuff just for tweens. This Bible brings the wisdom of the Bible right into the real world of today.
Check out what’s inside:
· 260 Daily Devotions by Mark Littleton and Marnie Wooding
· 52 Weekend Devotions by Sandy Silverthorne
· Power Thoughts highlight important themes and help readers see how the Bible fits together
· Line Art Sketches throughout for a "newspaper comics" appeal
· Five characters—Jenna, Josh, Miguel, Sam, and Kaitlyn participate in the devotions (and also appear as line art sketches) to help kids relate to the Bible passages
· Full Text of God’s Word in the best-selling New International Version®
· 22 Full-color Tip-in pages
Get the inside edge on God’s Word for tweens with The Edge Devotional Bible.

I searched far and wide for the right Bible for my preteen ministry and this one has really fulfilled what I needed. I recommend it for anyone looking for a Bible that they can recommend to preteens or have as extras in their classrooms.

(Click on the picture and it will take you to the amazon.com page for this Bible)


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Michele said...

Hi, Joe :)

My name's Michele. I'm sixteen and I am a student leader in my youth group. My parents are in a messy divorce and my eleven-year-old little sister is taking it really hard. I've been trying to find a way to encourage her to turn to God in this hard time and I think that this bible is the perfect start. Thanks for posting something about it. God surly words in mighty and mysterious ways! God bless you!!